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2019 Race Calendar

We have put together a list of Triathlon races for the 2019 season to get you on your way. Some are local races in the Brackley area which will be a good starting point for all our new members who want to give Triathlon racing ago.

There are also some open water events (ow) that are held all over the UK, and some races that are part of the South Central Series.

Take a look and get yourselves booked up to start racing for your club! If you have any questions, just talk to one of your coaches.

We would strongly encourage all our members to take part in our home event – held at Stowe School, Beachborough Triathlon – Get signed up now!

31 March – Bicester Triathlon
28 April – Southam Triathlon
12 May – Twyford Duathlon
19 May – Wee Beastie (OW)
19 May – Fareham Triathlon
27 May – Chapel Aquathlon
02 June – Henley Triathlon
08 June – Leeds (OW)
15 June – Nottingham (OW)
16 June – Beachborough – Home Event**
22 June – Twyford Triathlon
29 June – Bowood (OW)
14 July – Bicester Tri. Club Triathlon
21 July – Andover Triathlon
01 Sept – Southam Triathlon
7/8 Sept – Woburn (OW)
06 Oct – Brackley Triathlon

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