Beachbrough Triathlon Club

Beachborough Triathlon Club have an extensive time table of training sessions based around the three disciplines: Swim – Bike – Run throughout the week.   The core of our training for junior, youths and adults is based at Brackley Leisure centre where we focus on swimming and spinning.  Our partner for the running aspect is Banbury Harriers, based NOA School in Banbury.

Our key objective is to make all the sessions fun, whilst always striving to improve technique and stamina…..

Please note all swimming & Spinning is based in the Brackley Leisure Centre Swimming Pool

Weekly Training Timetable

Swimming, 7 -8 pm
Brackley Leisure Centre

Track/Running Club, 7 pm – 8 pm
Banbury Harriers, NOA School, Banbury

Swimming,  7 pm – 8:00 pm
Brackley Leisure Centre 

Track/Running Club, 7 pm -8 pm
Banbury Harriers, NOA School, Banbury

Rest day or individual training

Bike Skills & Running
9 am – 10:30 am (term time only)
Beachborough School, Westbury, NN13 5LB

Swimming, 4 pm -6 pm
Brackley Leisure Centre

Banbury Harriers are based at NOA School, Drayton Road, Banbury,  OX16 OUD – Click Here
Saturday morning training is  based at beachborough School, Westbury, Nr. Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 5LB (term time only)

Come Spinning Wednesday 8- 9 pm

Winter Training ONLY - Canx until further notice

Why Spin?

Spinning is a great way to keep your bike fitness up through the winter months when it’s too dark to get outdoors.  A superb work out while the music is turned up and the disco lights are on –  its fun all the way!

Come and join us – all members welcome + parents


September – April Only


Brackley Leisure Centre Spinning Room

Brackley Leisure Centre - Swimming & Spinning

Beachborough School - Bike Skills & Running

Banbury Harriers - Run Training