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My first triathlon…

The start of the 10th of October was a gloriously sunny autumn morning. I arrived at Southam College at about 11.15 am and registered. I then found my number in the transition area and me and a few other Beachborough competitors cycled the cycle track and walked the running course. It was my first triathlon so I wasn’t sure what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised to find everything was so clearly laid out and simple to follow.

Following checking the courses, my sister and I set up our transition area; I used my newly learnt techniques and tips from Saturday morning sessions to set up correctly and then listened to the briefing along with all the other competitors.

When I was finally ready to race, my nerves began to build, adrenalin racing around me. I secured my chip to my ankle and waited with apprehension to enter the pool. It was a strange sensation not to be able to dive in or tumble turn but the swim went well. Leaving the pool and starting the cycle, my spirits were raised by the amount of support and team spirit radiating from Beachborough Triathlon Club. From the Beachborough coaches to the parents, everyone was cheering everyone and the atmosphere was AMAZING!

When all the racing was over, it was time for prize-giving! We all gathered around the award table and waited with bated breath for the results. Beachborough cleared up, taking most trophies to the point where the event organiser commented on the outstanding success of the club.

Well done to everyone who competed at Southam Autumn Triathlon 2021 and thank you so much to all the coaches who help us achieve our goals and the parents who support us and take us to training and events.

Written by Eve.

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